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RoulettePlaces - What is Martingale?

Martingale is a system used in casino games where the selections you play on are even money.

It is most commonly applied in roulette without people knowing it. In summary, the strategy requires you to increase your stake after each losing spin. You are therefore chasing losses and looking to finish in profit by the end of the draw.

The best way to look at the Martingale system is to imagine your opening bet in roulette to be £1 on red or black. So for example, in this instance, take red as your pick. The betting odds of your selection winning are even money.

If your first bet loses and the ball lands on a black number, you will be £1 down from your session. In your very next bet you would need to double your stake; therefore, your new stake would be £2 on the same selection, red. This process is continued until you hit a winner.

The theory behind Martingale works on that if you continued playing even money shots where there are just two selections, you would eventually get a winning spin. Many people buy into this and are happy to apply the theory inside the casino.

However, what they do need to bear in mind is that it is a very dangerous strategy to use. If it all goes wrong, and you end up on a losing sequence, you could end up losing a lot of money. Because you are doubling your stake each time, it only takes a bad run for you to eat into the whole of your bankroll, depending on its size.

Experienced betting fans will always consider if their budget is big enough to withhold some consecutive losing spins in roulette. If it is not, it is probably best advised to stick to level stakes on these outside bets.

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