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RoulettePlaces - Terms of Conditions

RoulettePlaces welcomes you. There are certain terms and conditions that apply to you if you want to access RoulettePlaces and it's content. Your usage of RoulettePlaces confirms your acceptance of terms and conditions. Please go through them thoroughly.


To know and understand our working and system, please go through our confidentiality policy.


You are contacting us via electronic medium by sending emails or reaching RoulettePlaces. You approve of receiving emails or communications from us in electronic form. We will get in touch with you via emails or by the means of notices posted online on RoulettePlaces. You agree that all the notices, agreements, notifications, disclosures and other communications and exchanges, which are sent to you electronically by RoulettePlaces comply with any legal requirement or obligation that such communications has to be in written.

Patent and COPYRIGHT

Everything that RoulettePlaces contains including text, graphics, information, logos, button icons, sound clips, data, digital downloads, data compilation, and software is the possession and property of RoulettePlaces and the United States and international patent and copyright laws protect the patent of the RoulettePlaces. RoulettePlaces owns and solely possesses the accumulation, compilation and assembling of all the content gathered on this site and is protected by U.S. and international patent and copyright laws. Please note that all software used on RoulettePlaces is the exclusive property and possession of RoulettePlaces or its software suppliers and is protected and guarded by U.S. and international patent and copyright laws.


The RoulettePlaces and such related graphics, names, logos, page headers, data, button icons, information, scripts, statistics and service names are RoulettePlaces's trademarks. You may not use the RoulettePlaces trademarks for any other products or services or in any way that might lead to disorder, confusion or misunderstanding or in any way that disparages, vilifies or discredits RoulettePlaces. Other labels, trademarks or trade dresses that are not the property of RoulettePlaces but appear on RoulettePlaces are owned and possessed by their respective owners.


RoulettePlaces gives you a partial and limited authorization and license to use (personal use) this site. RoulettePlaces prohibits you from downloading its content (excluding ordinary and usual page caching by human visitors) or altering, modifying it, or any segment of it, except with explicit and precise written permission of RoulettePlaces. Please note that this license does not incorporate or include any resale or any commercial or profit-making use of this site or its subject matter or contents; any derivative or off-shoot use of this site or its contents; any use of data mining, robots, or similar information collection and extraction means and tools. RoulettePlaces prohibits the altering, copying, reproducing, modifying, duplicating, selling, reselling, visiting, or otherwise using or exploiting for any business or commercial use or purpose without explicit written permission of RoulettePlaces. You are not allowed to frame or use framing methods to enclose any trade name, trademark, logo, or other proprietary data or information (including page layout or form, images, text or information) of RoulettePlaces without explicit written permission of RoulettePlaces.

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