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RoulettePlaces - The important tips for Roulette Odds and Roulette Even Bet

Overview of Odd-Even bets in Roulette:

Roulette Odds -Even bet is a bet that can be employed whatever you are traditional or online Roulette casino player. If you select this bet you will get more chances of winning. But it is also true that the chance you will get is not too high.

Actually, in even-odd bet of roulette you should bet on that number in which the ball would finally land. It's not a fact whether the ball is even or odd. The bet is not different from the high or small numbers bet. In this bet, at a single bet you will not able to cover all the numbers but half. There is also a deference between these bets and that is- if you place bet for high or small number bet then you will get permission to place bet for the opening 18 or for the next 18 bets, but for Odd-Even bet you can place a bet for eighteen odd numbers or eighteen numbers.

The process of placing the Odd-Even Bet for Roulette:

The position of this bet is unique but you should not place a bet blindly. How you can place a bet? Yes you should fix your target first that means you have to make a decision about whether you fancy to bet for the odd numbers or even numbers. If you desire to bet for the even number then you have to place the chips in that box which is marked as "EVEN" in the roulette table. Where you will find this box? Yes you will find the box next of 1-18 marked boxes and situated at the left section of the table. On the other hand if you desire to bet for the odd box you don't need to place the chips in the "EVEN" marked box but in the "ODD" marked box. This box is situated at the right corner of the table next to the 36-19 marked box.

Additional Information for the Roulette Odds-Even Bet:

There are two more critical aspects for even-odd roulette bet which are important also. For the Roulette odds bet the payout is as like as the other bet that means the Roulette holds over you like as gamer. Now come to the actual payout for an Even-Odd bet, roulette pays for the even-odd, like the high and low number bet, still money you after you win. What is the meaning of it? The answer is that if the bet amount is $10 the after your win you will get additional $10.

However, the casino takes the same advantage for Roulette odds and Roulette even like other bet. This rate is 5.26% for a table which has dual zero wheels. For the table which contains one zero wheels, this rate is only 2.70%. Using this Even-Odd bet with the further rules like en prison and half back is able to minimize the home advantage significantly. This is true for both European and American Roulette.

If you use Roulette Odds-Even bet through the "En Prison" for American roulette then the house provides house edge 1.39% of the house edge. But if you use even-odd bet along through the half back then this will be 2.63%. On the other hand for European Roulette using odd-even bet along with half back rules reduce this house benefit to 1.35%. Also you can always get a sign up bonus.

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