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RoulettePlaces - Eudaemons - History of Beating Roulette

Are you passionate about roulette? Are you seeking some way to beat the odds and win a fortune from the turnings of the wheel? Well, you aren’t alone and as long as there is gaming or any other sport around there are always going to be people that think they can outwit the program and cash in.

The attempts whether foolhardy or just successful litter the annals of history and are available for us to learn lessons from whether to enhance our game our simply know what not to do. One such example of this stream of thought is the Eudaemons. They had a plan and they were more than willing to see what would become of it.

The group, led by J. Doyne Farmer and Norman Packer who were graduate physics participants in the University of California Santa Cruz’s program, rounded up a group of cohorts to collect some cash to create a scientific organization and to ascertain that the roulette wheel was not infallible. They combined their two passions and commenced on their journey.

Derived from Greek terminology, Eudaemons means a kind of genius with the spirit of an angel, which does provides some insight into how this group felt about themselves and their place within the world. Beginning their operations in the late 1970’s, the Eudaemons implemented cameras and oscilloscopes to follow every gesticulation of the wheel to deduce a scientific resolution for how long the wheel would be in motion, how long it would take the ball to fall and where said ball would alight.

In order to incorporate this information to be used in the practical world, they embarked on a mission to produce their own mini-computer that would be present to process information while they were at the table. It took them two years to complete a model that was potent enough and tiny enough (it was implanted in footwear) that would was viable enough to use. They ventured out to the tables with one bettor and one observer to prove their theory was true.

They got away with for it awhile and actually managed to bank 44 percent for every dollar they handed over, but all good things must come to an end and after one of the bettors incurred serious burns from the electronic equipment he had to wear on his chest to interact with the observer, coupled with the high strain produced by higher academics, the group parted ways without ever realizing their dream of an elite scientific organization. They did manage to clear roughly $10,000 though.

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