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RoulettePlaces - Ways To Place Roulette Chips

One of the basics in the game of roulette is knowing how to place your wager. That is true of any game, but some people just starting out can be easily confused by how to successfully complete this rudimentary function as the chips have certain values affixed to them. Most casinos institute chips, which normally plastic and come in different shades, into four denominations: $1, $5, $25 and $100.

In most instances the $1 chips are white or grey and come with the nickname of singles or whites. The next level, or the $5 chips are called nickels or reds, from their color, while $25 pieces are the color of American money and are therefore entitled as quarters or greens. The most expensive chip, for $100 per play, are the color of the night sky and like their counterparts take their nickname from their appearance, which is black. There are some variations to these rules, however, as single chips do come in other shades and some casinos offer $500, $1,000 or $5,000 chips.

Called colored chips, house chips or table chips, roulette pieces can enable more disarray for players and dealers because they can easily be scrambled during the course of a game and most tables would like to have each player possess a colored chip that directly corresponds to them.

If you decide to jump on a table that offers the normal minimum buy-in of $5 the croupier will transform your cash into chips worth 50 cents or a $1. If they are 50 cents you must wager at least 10 of your chips for each round. Most casinos work with a $1 being the smallest amount you can bet to get in on a round.

Besides using minimum bets, each table has a limit on how much you can bet which protects the house in case someone ‘breaks the bank.’ The norm is $3,000 from outside wagers and $100 for inside wagers.

In order to place a bet you must place your chips in a certain spot. For example on inside bets the location is inside the wheel, so if you do a single wager it’s directly on the number, for two numbers it’s in between the numbers and for multi-number wagers it is split between the numbers you select. For outside bets, which are outside the wheel and you can only use combinations of 12 or 18 numbers, you place your chips outside the number boxes and the exact spot is determined by the actual wager the player is making.

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