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RoulettePlaces - Types of roulette bet

The wheel

American wheels and European roulette wheels are consisting with the numbers between zero to thirty six while American roulette wheels are consist extra 0 and 00. Each numbers is differentiable with colors which may be black and red in colors but 0 and 00 numbers are colored with green. These green colors are always referred as "house numbers". Players not frequently bet on them, that means when spun these numbers then the house wins. American roulette has double house number where as European has only one house number. Actually European roulette table is better for choosing when it is proposed. Do you ever wonder whether certain numbers are better than others in Roulette? Many gamblers use lucky numbers when playing at casinos and swear by them.

Types of bets:

You have to choose your bet for playing roulette. There are some common systems of bets. Those are given below with express briefly:

  • Evens and odds: Evens and odds are the type's bets. Bet on that where the rotate will appear either odd or even. This bet payment system is 1:1.
  • Blacks and reds: This bet is the other types of betting systems. Usually we can say that it is color based bet system before the number. Its payment system is also 1:1.
  • st and 2nd half: This is like presently what it sounds. Into the wager the number will start from one to eighteen and for 2nd half's 19 to 36 and 1:1 is the payment system.
  • Dozens: In dozens, there are 2 types of bets. You have to put your bet on 1st, 2nd or 3rd dozen. These payment systems are 2:1.
  • number bet: this wager is made by insertion a flake on the row inside two lines of figures at the leftmost portion of the figures row. It bets on 2 lines numbers and payment system is 5:1.
  • number bet: an unusual bet is like five-number bet, and it plays only on table of American roulette. This bet is zero, double zero, one, two, and three. The payment system of this bet is 6:1.
  • number bet: four-number bet system contains two types bet. One is European roulette wheel. It is on zero to three. The second bet is located on the crossing corner between 4 numbers. Both bets payment system is 8:1.
  • number bet: three numbers bet means here the bet is putted on line of numbers consist three numbers and its payment system is 11:1.
  • number bet: the two numbers bet means here bet is putted on two numbers. 17:1 is the payment system of this bet.
  • Single-number: this bet is called Straight-Up. Simply you set the chip on you want the number; it will pay 35:1.

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