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Probably you have been standing in a multitude of people in a casino. It is tremendous excitement that a small ball spinning around the roulette wheel. That makes wonder that how like a game was still invited. Here are two questions; one is what the attraction of roulette is? Another question is why does roulette have like a strange hold above the people?

Roulette, the most thrilling among the casino games, attracts everyone. The word comes from French and you may be guessed that means "little wheel". This created by the famous mathematician Blaise Pascal and he lived in French. He was familiar for his job in the probability field and created the device. However there is no consent that if you ask every person about this then you get dissimilar answers as regards the basis of the wheel of roulette. Day by day roulette games are modified and modified. There are some roulette games such as French roulette, European roulette, American roulette etc.

French roulette

In 1796, first time started the roulette wheel casino game in Paris. This game contains dozens and even-monthly bets which is usually familiar as other outside bets. This is also contain other kind of bet and along with this call bet twos names. The call bet depend on your calculation and guess where the ball stay of roulette wheel is. Therefore, French roulette is so complicated roulette version.

European roulette

The European roulette is most popular casino game all over the world. It is very easy to bet and very enjoyable game. That is not depend on your guess for this reason it is very popular. That is different from American roulette. This roulette game is single zero slot game. But American roulette is double zero slot game. In this case a European roulette game is to 2.63 percent going down.

American roulette

In 1800, American roulette wheel comes from Europe. This is no as same as European roulette games. Different between American and European roulette games that is roulette of European contains single zero slot and American roulette contains double zero slot. House edge of roulette of American casino games is 5.26 percent going down where other casino games house edge is only about 1 percent. Wheel of the American roulette is an additional pocket. So the odd players are not take advantage by playing this roulette.


As you want to play the roulette casino game then you should choose the European roulette. The European roulette is most easy and approvable than any kind of roulette game. American roulette become knowledgeable about gaming and rely on increase their winning odds. But any other casino game American roulette is not so popular. If you want to play roulette then I suggested you should play the European roulette. And the last but not least tip is - learn the rules of roulette. It makes your game way easier.

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