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RoulettePlaces - Biased Wheel - How To Find It In Modern Casinos?

There are two kinds of roulette wheels. One is the American version, while the other is the French product. What is intriguing, however, is each wheel is made in the opposing country. These little mainstays of the casinos are built under the strictest of circumstances and are scrutinized by casino staff to make sure they remain in tip-top shape because when people play roulette the house can have a five percent advantage, which is one of the highest of all games.

For years there have been rumors about biased wheels that hit a single number or numbers more often than others. Obviously this can be quite profitable if the bias is ascertained by players. Unfortunately, these days it is very difficult to pick out wheels that are not monitored to perfection. The only time a wheel could support a bias now is if it is not well cared for and therefore, does not operate up to snuff. That window of opportunity would be fleeting at best when you are talking about millions of dollars on the line.

But let’s discuss how this can occur and why. It is possible, just not very likely.

A wheel is comprised of a big, old concave structure with some kind of edge or track and wheel itself that is supported by the bowl. The wheel is atop a piece of metal and it whirls around because of strategically placed bearings. If not properly cared the wheel can become uneven and if it dips slightly down in one spot, the ball that slides into the numbered slot will fall on the edge of the wheel and displace to a section that doesn’t have as much height more frequently.

Another issue that can be caused by improper maintenance is when the walls between the pockets aren’t firmly affixed in position. The ball won’t slide into place and will either keep moving towards the same pocket or slip down several numbers below the problematic wall.

As we said earlier, neither one of these instances occur with regularity, but loose pocket walls are more likely as the wheel rotates on one side and the ball on the other creating a regular source of force on those walls.

Obviously this a player’s dream and a casino’s worst nightmare, because the ball only falls three or four positions below the offending pocket and if the player spots this, they can place winning bets with ease.

Honestly though, with the all money casinos have invested and with their knowledge of this situation, it really is very rare to find a biased wheel.

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