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Early version of Roulette

Actually, the source of Roulette has been lost and that is why the original history is not found. There are many wheel based game at the time of invention of the wheel. It is thought that this game was invited at that time! However there is a story that this game was first invented in china. After that it was entered to the Europe by some traders who had a business with the Chinese.

Some premature version of spinning and wheel ball were invented between 17th and 18th century in Europe. Around the last part of the 18th century there invented a game in Paris whose modern name is Roulette. The features at that time were same as modern one but the exception is that the single or solitary zero was red and the dual zero was black. These led some confusion for the gamers and with a view to solve this confusion a green color was added.

Modified Version in Europe

It was the mid of 19th century France a country of Europe invented the solitary or single zero game. This increased the odds of the gamer by reducing the casino's edge. After reaching the casino in Germany, the authority invited Louis Blanc (the architect of single zero machine) to Monaco. The reason of the invitation was to create and activate a casino. Roulette was restricted until 1933. That was the reason why many Europe's rich was attracted to exclusive Monte Carlo casino.

Invention of Double and single zero Roulette

The dual zero was invented by the America that is why People call it not European but American Wheel. The invention of solitary or single zero which has better odds for players' demised the dual zero wheel in the Europe. After that this single or solitary wheel is identified and named the "French Wheel".

Additional features of Roulette

A city of U.S named "Atlantic City" and in Europe the casino's presented another modification to the Roulette and that is adding extra roulette odds for the gamers. An option named "En Prison" was open. If a player place a bet with even money whether double zero or single zero, the player will get two options for the subsequent outcome. The options are-

  1. The player will be capable of "Imprison" the bet. The meaning of it is the bet will remain in same and the subsequent spin will identify whether the bet is misplaced or not.
  2. Another option is to surrender and some people do this at the middle of the bet.
  3. There many people practice this "En Prison". So it's no a surprising thing if croupier thinks that you are also. Here one thing is very important and that is clearing before whether you are interested with surrender on nor.

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